PIPEMARKING ISO 14726 «Fire fighting/Fire protection»

Pipemarking ISO 14726 «Fire fighting/Fire protection»

Bsafe Pipe Markers are produced on the adhesive foil of high quality. Can withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 ºC, are UV and chemical resistant. Are prepared for harsh weather conditions. Application temperature min. +10 ºC. During application the rollform tape should overlap 3-4 cm.

All colored rollform tapes are 120 mm x 25 m.

Arrow tape (black and white) to identify the flow direction:

  • Art. 460090 Flow direction marking tape 40 mm x 25 m
  • Art. 460091 Flow direction marking tape 70 mm x 25 m
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460051 Fire fighting, fire protection
460052 Fire-fighting water
460053 Fire-fighting gas
460054 Sprinkler water
460055 Spray water
460056 Fire-fighting powder
460057 Fire-fighting foam