PIPEMARKING ISO14726 “Air in ventilation systems”

Pipemarking ISO14726 Air in ventilation systems

Bsafe Pipe Markers are produced on the adhesive foil of high quality. Can withstand temperatures from -40 to +80 ºC, are UV and chemical resistant. Are prepared for harsh weather conditions. Application temperature min. +10 ºC. During application the rollform tape should overlap 3-4 cm.

All colored rollform tapes are 120 mm x 25 m.

Arrow tape (black and white) to identify the flow direction:

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460073 Air in ventilations systems
460079 Discharge air
460080 Mechanical supply air, cold
460075 Natural exhaust air
460076 Atmospheric air
460081 Mechanical exhaust air
460084 Decontaminated supply air
460083 Mechanical recirculated air
460082 Mechanical supply air, warm
460074 Smoke clearance
460078 Conditioned supply air
460077 Natural supply air